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AIB Highly Commended x 2

Well done Chris, Richard & Ludo - both Catching the KGB Killers AND Britain's Refugee Children Highly Commended and the AIB Awards

The Judges said:-

True Vision for Channel 4
Hunting the KGB Killers

When former Russian secret service agent Alexander
Litvinenko was killed in London with radioactive polonium
in 2006, his assassination shocked the world. Litvinenko
had been granted asylum in London after fleeing Russia.
In Hunting the KGB Killers we get the inside story of the
politically motivated murder, down to how he helped the
police on his deathbed. “Excitingly told and elaborately
and professionally transformed into pictures”, commented
our judges; “a carefully produced and gripping insight
into a high-profile story which shed much new light on the

Channel 4
Britain’s Refugee Children

Adapting to a new life as a refugee in a foreign country,
thousands of miles from home, is far from easy.
Britain’s Refugee Children closely follows six refugee
children as they build a new life in Britain, seeking
sanctuary from violence and destruction at home. The
judges thought this was “an excellent film about the
reality of arriving in Britain as a refugee” and said “the
simple format and structure offer a heart-warming and
compelling narrative that resonates in today’s political


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