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15,000 Kids discussed on Radio 4's Media Show

Great piece on adoption on TV and the impact of 15,000 Kids & Counting on BBC Listen again here …


2nd Nov 2014
To who it may concern at my message is about my basic human right,and my kids right has been missed used by the uk immigration here in the uk. I am single mother ho came to uk 9 years ago 205 due to long time civil war in my country called Liberia, and I have word so hard ,for my kids visa plication to become successful but still it has been refuse the home office , because my low income has they have told me. and there is killer decease in this country called Ebola killing every ine. and this only 4 kids i have in my life what can i do, so please human right help me for me and my kids because our human to joing me the in uk, because they they refuse them . than where is me and my kids human right thank you by miss fatumata sheriff 0747359 45 79

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