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True Vision was formed in 1995 to make television that engages the viewer with issues that matter. Our aim is to bring to the audience character led narratives that entertain but also inform and educate.  In 2013, after a very successful collaboration with film-maker, Anna Hall on the BAFTA nominated Britain's Sex Gangs and Hunt for Britain's Sex Gangs, True Vision Yorkshire was born.
Leeds based Anna has since built the company in parallel with True Vision in London, producing equally hard-hitting and award-winning films and series.

We have built a particular reputation for human rights related film-making, and for making films that look at issues through the eyes or through the stories of children. But we do other stuff too!

We feel that if we are going to take up an hour or two of a viewer's time, and then leave them feeling angry or otherwise emotional, we owe it to them to make it as easy as possible to become engaged in the issue we have raised.

We don't want to make "chewing gum for the eyes", instead (and this is the pretentious bit) we hope that every film we produce makes the world a very slightly better place.

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