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Our Soldiers: Return to Civvy Street

Our Soldiers: Return to Civvy Street
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55 minutes
Katie Cochrane
Chris Eley
Executive Producer:
Brian Woods

With thousands of soldiers currently leaving the forces, this film takes a journey down Civvy Street and explores the lives of ex-military as they try to adjust to the civilian world. Hearing from three ex-squaddies, this insightful, humorous and quietly powerful documentary, highlights the practical and emotional challenges that many in the military experience as they try to adapt to an unfamiliar way of life.

Staff Sergeant Paul Wilkie has completed his 22 year contract and is looking forward to securing a new job and moving on with his life. However, with his specific skill set, it is proving difficult. After leaving the forces a few years ago, Corporal Dave Edwards still suffers both  mentally and physically from his time in service. Even everyday activities such as a supermarket visit can cause real distress. Dave’s fifteen year old son has always been there for him but Dave is wracked with guilt about how the anger and trauma he harbours has affected his son. Expectant father, Corporal Andy Reid, is entering Civvy Street as a triple amputee. He has to negotiate being lauded as a hero and figure of public interest, while at the same time coming to terms with a future as a disabled father.

All three of the film’s contributors talk of being moulded into a military mindset that can make it hard to make sense of a civilian world. This is a culture in which, openly discussing your feelings is a taboo - where things are more often kept ‘locked up in the back of your mind’ than dealt with openly. It can take, on average, 13 years for soldiers to seek help for mental health issues.

None of men regret their time in the army but all are forever changed by it. This film is an honest portrayal of the challenges they face when Our Soldiers return to Civvy Street.