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Clean Eating's Dirty Secrets

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30 minutes
Katie Rice
Executive Producer:
Brian Woods

Vlogger and body positive internet queen, Grace Victory, tries clean eating on for size: is this the lifestyle change we all need, or is this another fad diet in disguise - a fad with potentially dangerous consequences?

Clean eating has exploded – from quinoa to courgetti, smoothie bowls to sweet potato brownies – never before have we been so concerned with the purity of our food.

Lighting the way are a team of ‘glowing’ wellness bloggers – the goddesses of green juice have come to deliver us from the evils of our dirty, processed, sugar filled diets.

With food avoidance now officially a mainstream phenomenon, cutting out gluten, sugar and dairy has become second nature to many. But is this new wave of ‘health conscious’ poster girls really promoting the best way to eat, or are the pretty pictures hiding an uglier truth?

Grace dives hashtag first into the whitewashed world of clean eating; she vlogs her attempts to change her diet and meets with dieticians, YouTubers and those whose desire for health has become an unhealthy obsession. She investigates the claims many gurus swear by and questions whether we should be listening to them at all…

Will Grace really discover the hottest, healthiest, happiest her?

About Grace:

Grace Victory is a 25 year old vlogger and body positive image advocate. She vlogs to her 200,000 followers on everything ranging from fashion and beauty to depression and self-harm, openly talking about her struggles with food, weight and mental health.

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