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Hunting the KGB Killers

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70 minutes
Richard Kerbaj
Chris Malone
Executive Producer:
Alex Holmes & Brian Woods

Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer of the Russian secret service, died in London in 2006 from poisoning by radioactive polonium. This film reveals for the first time the remarkable details of the Scotland Yard investigation into Alexander Litvinenko’s murder by Russian agents, and how he helped the police on his deathbed. Combining first hand testimony from key witnesses, with first class dramatisation of key events and never-before-seen archive, this film shows how the Russian Secret Service so nearly got away with murder, and demonstrates the ramifications that are still being played out today.

Marina Litvinenko and producer, Richard Kerbaj on BBC Breakfast.

A British former detective who investigated the murder of Alexander Litvinenko has told ITV News he believes he was also poisoned in an apparent attack ordered by the Kremlin.

Good Morning Britain

Alexander Litvinenko’s Widow speech