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Catching A Killer: A Bullet Through The Window

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62 minutes
Tom Read ,Katie Rice, Jess stevenson
Erica Gornall
Executive Producer:
Anna Hall, Jezza Neumann, Brian Woods

In the early hours of the morning, teenager Suhaib is shot dead when a bullet is fired through an open window in a quiet suburban street.

With the suspect at large and a live firearm missing, time is of the essence to track down the killer. But is there more than meets the eye?

This cutting-edge film following Thames Valley Police gives a rare insight into a complex murder case as top detectives struggle to find out the truth.

As a family mourns their teenage boy lost to the fringes of the drugs world, Catching a Killer: A Bullet Through the Window delves into the turmoil, challenges and tragedy behind the headlines of a crime often overlooked.

About the film-maker

Erica Gornall produced and directed Catching a Killer: The Second Suspect. She is a BAFTA and Orwell prize nominee, having previously produced and filmed ‘Behind Closed Doors’ with Anna Hall. Erica has spent the last two years filming and producing the first two Catching a Killer films. This is her directorial debut.

She has a long and established track record in documentary, having previously filmed and worked on Breadline Kids and Looking After Mum.

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We deliver violence prevention workshops and talks to education establishments, businesses, and the Community. The workshops and talks focus on personal safety; anger and aggression; basic life support and the awareness of choices and consequences. These workshops are ideal for PSHE, safeguarding and safety awareness education.

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