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Catching a Killer: A Diary from the Grave

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90 minutes
Jezza Neumann & Jess Stevenson
Jezza Neumann & Jess Stevenson
Executive Producer:
Brian Woods

When elderly teacher Peter Farquhar was found dead at home in the village of Maids Moreton in 2015, it was sad and unexpected, but no-one thought it suspicious.

But 18 months later, when his neighbour, Ann Moore-Martin, also fell ill and died, the police decided to look again.  The same young man, Ben Field, a would-be vicar and academic, had recently become part of both their lives, and benefitted from both their wills.

Investigating these possible murders, by delving back in time through friends and loved ones’ memories of Peter and Ben’s relationship, police discover an almost unbelievable story of love and betrayal.  And through Peter’s diary, a voice from beyond the grave narrates this stranger-than-fiction tale.