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Innocents Lost

Innocents Lost
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90 minutes
Brian Woods and Kate Blewett
Brian Woods and Kate Blewett

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Kidnapped, sold, starved, beaten and set to work round the clock, surviving on rubbish tips and road sides; given to the Gods as punishment for a sin committed by a family member; neglected and written off as worthless; dumped in Gulags for stealing a loaf of bread. These are the Innocents who are Lost. "Innocents Lost" is a hard hitting documentary film about crimes against children around the world. Each story is punctuated by quotes from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and voiced by children who have directly suffered themselves.

This documentary brings to the screen the faces and voices of children who are, for a brief moment, given a chance to be heard, a space to speak of their silent unhappiness. We meet children who have been buried away in worlds of abuse, neglect and exploitation. They are often invisible. They have never known what it means to be a child. Their innocence has been stolen from them by an indifferent adult world. "Innocents Lost" travels around the world, to Costa Rica, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Russia, Togo and the United Arab Emirates to uncover the harrowing stories of the lives of these children who are truly innocents who just need love and support.

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  • "One of the most powerful programmes you’ll ever see on television” " Desmond Christy - The Guardian