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Jamie Perera

Jamie Perera is a composer/artist based in London, who also does a whole host of things like dubbing mixes, music supervision and running a (very useful) production music library!

Jamie's been making music for True Vision for over 5 years, most notably on our Emmy nominated Poor Kids USA and more recently on productions such as Curing Cancer and TB: Return of the Plague.

When composing Jamie like's making relevant sound into music. Examples of this include slowed down radio in Poor Kids USA, rhythmic sequences of fists striking the body for the Channel 4 series I4I on gang violence, and incorporating birdsong into TB: Return of the Plague, set in Swaziland. In general he likes challenging the conventions between music and sound, and encouraging the happening of ‘happy accidents’ when making music.

Apart from that Jamie loves table tennis, meditating and learning the viola, in that order.

You can take a look at Jamie's website here and his music library here