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Kids in Camps


Kids in Camps

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The South Sudanese civil war has displaced over 1.5 million people. South Sudan, the youngest country in the world, is now facing a famine which, it is predicted, could result in the deaths of over 50,000 children.

This 1 x 60 special for Comic Relief follows the lives of children living in temporary camps in South Sudan and refugee camps just across the border in Northern Uganda, giving a heart-wrenching and personal glimpse into their lives and telling their inspiring, moving stories through their own words.

Seventeen year old Grace and her fourteen year old sister, Anna live in the Mingkaman camp in Awerial, South Sudan. Grace and Anna were forced to run for their lives from their home, crossing the River Nile to safety. They witnessed people being killed all around them – either by gunfire, or drowning as the river got too deep. Both girls are now desperate to continue their education and strongly believe it is the way to make a change in the

country. However, whilst there is a primary school at the camp for Anna there is no secondary school for Grace and we learn how she goes to extraordinary lengths to gain an education.Attacked and robbed during the journey, she risks her life travelling to Kenya in search of a new school, as she is determined that nothing will stop her from realising her plans for her future and fulfilling her dreams.

Fourteen year old John’s father was killed fighting in the Sudanese army. As the conflict got worse, he and his mother fled to a refugee camp in Uganda. The programme follows John and his mother as they begin life at the camp, and receive their non-food items and rations for the month as well a plot of land and as John’s mother is forced return to their home in Juba to find money. Separated from his mother, John struggles to resume the life of a normal child.

Scovia, also fourteen, who was forced to flee her border town of Nimule, following rumours of an imminent rebel attack. After spending two weeks in a transit camp with no electricity, she and her family are transferred to a new refugee settlement in Adjumani, Northern Uganda, where they are given a 30 metre lot of scrub land, a hoe and a machete with which to begin a new life. Highlighting events from Scovia’s own perspective – the documentary reveals how she misses her home, and longs to be back at school as she adjusts to harsh conditions of life in the camp.

Jezza Neumann
Running Time:
59 mins