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Filmed throughout 2009, and seen in part through the eyes of the children, Jobless tells the interwoven stories of several families, across the length and breadth of Britain as both husbands and wives cope with losing their jobs, in most cases for the first time in their lives.

"Woods's film – a small gem about the pain that ordinary families undergo, when one or both parents lose their jobs – is exactly what the BBC does best. It's beautifully filmed and never worthy. His work is detailed, painterly. But this is proper edge-of-your-seats drama"
Liz Hoggard, The Independent

"A thoughtful and balanced film, using split-screen very effectively as narrative device and metaphor, as unemployment drives a wedge between couples. An observational-doc so simple and effective it seems effortless" Gabriel Tate, Time Out

"Most poignant of all are the children’s contributions, who describe the effect of unemployment on their parents with heartbreaking clarity and wisdom" David Chater - Sunday Times

"A fine piece of television and, sadly, all too relevant." Mail on Sunday

"A superb study of families directly affected by the job losses that have risen as the recession has deepened. Here is genuine insight and empathy." The Sunday Times

Brian Woods
Running Time:
60 mins